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After working in the automotive industry my whole life, I learned many times over that most people in this industry are here because they sincerely love trucks and cars and stuff, but another portion of people are just here to make money. Sadly, those who deal with cars and trucks who only do it for the money find ways to make more money than they deserve and this usually comes at the cost of the oblivious and oftentimes too trusting customer.

This is what I want to talk about today, so that people who practice these cheating ways can learn a lesson and others like me who have lived a life of serving customers right can understand why others don’t do that so much.

My example will deal with mechanics. This may not surprise you. Mechanics who are mechanics just to make money and don’t really have a passion for cars are known to tinker with your engine negatively hoping that you’ll come back in the future. They purposely will do things like give you an oil leak so that after a few months you’ll come back to their shop and give them more money. This is really wrong and I get mad every time I hear of this happening even though over my life I’ve heard of it happening hundreds of times with different mechanics across Canada and the United States.


The best way to avoid these dirty mechanics is to pay a bit more at a larger commercial mechanic shop like Canadian Tire. If you’re new to an area because you’re passing through or just moved there, then you might want to get the best deal and go to a small mechanic. Sadly, these small mechanics are more like to to screw you over, so another way to avoid cheating mechanics is to go on places like Reddit and Facebook groups to get testimonials on local mechanics and find one that is highly recommend by locals who live in the area.

To illustrate this, I did the same thing to find a good towing company when my car broke down not long ago passing through Ontario. I did some research to find a good towing Scarborough company and ended up finding a really good one that I can trust again for quality service in the future.

It’s also sad but true that these cheating mechanics who are trying to make more money end up doing themselves a disservice. It’s much more lucrative to please your customers so that they come back naturally rather than by design. Especially in small local areas, it’s wise for anyone in the automotive industry to strive for a reputation of being fair and honest. If you’re even suspected of being anything other than honest then rumors will spread and you’ll lose out on money.

So to understand why people don’t treat their customers right, the easiest way to explain it is because they’re misinformed about why it’s important to be an honest service provider. This goes for any industry, not just the automotive one in my opinion.

I hope I was able to clear this up for some people and teach a lesson to those who still perform malpractice.


Mr. Rentacar3000

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