The joys of driving

Everyone who loves driving could write their own book on why they love it so much, so here’s mine. Though it may not be a book because I want to make this brief today, you may find substance in what I’ll say.

Here are my top 5 joys I get from driving:

joy ride
  1. The breeze in my hair when the windows are rolled down.
  2. The fun in steering around corners and bends when the car has tough handling and involves a lot of focus, which is typically found in older cars.
  3. An excuse to blast loud music so long as I’m not bothering anyone in quiet residential areas.
  4. Winking at pretty ladies as I drive by (I only do this when they smile at me first).
  5. Feeling the power of the engine when I hit the gas at a green light.

I could add hundreds of more joys to this list but I think you get the point. Some of these may be on your list, because no matter how unique every driver is, driving itself is a universal activity and it doesn’t change much from one continent to the next.

So on that note, I’ll be out for a joy ride on this beautiful day. Bye for now.

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