Noticing the beauty of where you live

On my blog all about cars and trucks I want to change things up today. Instead of talking about the joys of driving or the malpractice of mechanics, I want to talk about something simple yet very human and universal.

For many people, 2020 and much of 2021 have been years of more alone time than usual. I won’t get into why, but we all know it. Many people have had time to self reflect more than they would’ve otherwise. Most people I know came out of this self-reflection opportunity to realize they need to travel more. They suddenly have a drive to travel whereas before they didn’t care to.

These same people suddenly have a new outlook on where they currently live. It might be because they’re mad at the government for the lockdown restrictions or it could be because they really think this way, but they no longer see home as beautiful. They think home is something they need to escape from, and I can understand this after being locked up in your home for so long. But it’s wrongful thinking, in my opinion. And here’s why.

grateful for beauty

It’s not healthy to never notice the beauty of where you live because then you’ll never see the paradise in your own back yard. You’ll now longer be as nice to your neighbors and your attitude wont be doing anything to help the return of tourism in your area. Maybe a vacation will make these people appreciate the beauty of where they live more, but I’m worried it’s too late for others.

A dear friend of mine who lives in a gorgeous stone house overlooking hilly ranges just outside of Ottawa, Ontario has one of the nicest back yards you’ll ever visit. He has a terraced landscape with water fountains and an outdoor fireplace on his concrete patio, all of which he paid good money to a stone masonry Ottawa contractor to construct for him last year, yet he fails to see the beauty in it himself. He’s so ungrateful for the beauty in his own back yard that it drives me crazy to think about. People around the world would die to lounge on his patio and stare out over the view but he just complains about Ottawa and talks about how he can’t wait to leave this place.

If you know anyone like this then you can probably see my point quite clearly now. Failing to see the beauty in where you live increases the chances of becoming cynical and ungrateful for what you already have. This is like always seeing the grass as greener on the other side. But we all use that maxim to mean maybe its time to look at your own grass in a different way. Maybe the grass really is greener where you are, but you’re just not thinking about it properly.

Anyway, I don’t want this rant to deter anyone from traveling once your local lockdown restrictions are lifted. I just want to remind you to look around and appreciate your local environment. If you live there in the first place, then surely there must be something you like about it.

Thank you.

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