My hope for solar powered cars in the future

A while back I wrote a post about why I’d never drive electric cars, but since then my opinion has changed. Here’s what I have to say about that:

Assuming there will still be bright sunny skies in the future, because I’m a positive-thinker, I’d hope that electric cars can be powered by solar energy one day. Even tow trucks, public transportation buses and fancy limousines, all vehicles of the world, wherever possible, could be charged from solar panels on the roof of the vehicles. The paint of the cars could look great so that people of today would never guess they were solar panels.

The Sun

Even after a car is driving around in the sun all day and arrives home with a dead battery, solar panels on the home can have a store of electricity in a battery in the garage so that you can charge your electric vehicle with solar power at all hours of the day.

This combined with futuristic water-cooled motors that require way less energy than our modern ones, and streamlined vehicles that make traveling comfortable and affordable, my hope for the future of solar powered cars is very bright.

So I’ll keep my hopes up! Check out similar posts.

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