Why I’ll never drive an electric car

From the title you may hate me already. But hear me out. It’s not what you think!

I’ll never drive an electric car not because I don’t care about the environment (I support green energy), but rather because I expect the value of old gasoline cars to skyrocket in 50 years after they’re no longer being made. If I can keep my gasoline powered cars in good condition by using them and tuning them up every year, I believe they could be worth millions of Doge Coins or whatever we’re using as currency by then.


If I drove an electric car it’d be harder to keep my gasoline cars in good condition, because driving them regularly keeps the engine in good shape. Trust me, you don’t want to let a car sit for six months let alone 50 years.

For example, if I had held onto my first car, it would be worth nearly 20x what I paid for it.

That’s all!

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