How to know which tow truck companies to trust

The first thing I do when I want to know what tow truck company to choose is look at their website. Why do I do this? I do this because lately I’ve been putting a lot more faith in newer towing companies with youthful crews than the old ones. Sure, old towing companies that have been around for ages serving local communities might seem like the best choice, but many of them only stuck around because of necessity and the newer companies that are passing them in revenue are doing so because they have better prices, friendlier staff and most importantly they have better equipment which saves us all time.

how to choose the best towing company

A lot of the newer companies in where I live in Ontario are extended branches of companies that had to grind their way to the top in Toronto. They deserved growth and prosperity because the provided the best service and word of mouth made sure their efforts weren’t squandered.

Now what does looking at a companies website have to do with all this?

Nearly every time, I can tell right away if a towing company is up to date with the local times by how modern their website looks. Is it responsive to mobile? Does the company owner even care if his website is tailored and easy to use?

A lot of old school towing companies that have fallen behind think of a website as nothing but a virtual business card. But this is 2021 and a website can do so many things like online booking, instant quotes via email, FAQ bots, cryptocurrency payments and much more.

This is all just what I got by when choosing my tow truck services, so take it with a grain of salt but I know it works. If you want to know why my opinion has some authority in these matters, feel free to read up on my history.


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